Refinance Rewards

‘Refinance’ refers to a home loan refinancing of a residential property only unless otherwise stated.


1. The ‘Refinance’ Rewards apply to both:

a. Legal Fee Rebate – Participating Banks

  • Legal Fee Rebate is provided by participating banks and may be removed at any point of time
  • Minimum 500k loan quantum applies
  • A DollarBack Mortgage Consultant will advise on availability for individual applications

b. Cash Bonus – DollarBack Mortgage

  • Any loan quantum



2. Eligibility Requirements:

  • Successfully applies, receives approval and accepts the offer for ‘Refinance’
  • Clearly lists ‘DollarBack Ventures’ as a referrer on their bank application
  • Meets min 500k loan requirement for legal fee waiver



3. Amount of ‘Cash Bonus’ is according to the loan quantum shown below:

Loan Quantum

Rewards Amount

S$200K – S$350K

SGD 120

S$350K – S$600K

SGD 200

S$600K – S$800K

SGD 280

$800k – S$999K

 SGD 350

S$1M – S$1.3M

 SGD 450 

S$1.3M – S$1.6M

SGD 500

S$1.6M – S$2M

SGD 700

 S$2M – S$3M

SGD 1,000

3M & Above 

SGD 1,300 (Premier Reward)


4. ‘Refinance’ Rewards are based on the loan quantum of an application and are not limited to the number of applications with listed referrals submitted.



5. If you meet the ‘Eligibility Requirements’, you will receive your reward:

  •  Legal Fee Rebate – As per the T&Cs from participating banks which will be informed to you by a DollarBack Mortgage Consultant at point of application.
  • Cash Bonus – Within 1 to 2 months from the acceptance date of your Letter Of Offer via a cash voucher to the address provided to us unless otherwise stated.



6. All application documents must be sent in within a maximum of 2 days of confirming a home loan package to qualify for any DollarBack Rewards.



7. Exclusions from DollarBack Rewards:

  • Repricing with your existing bank
  • DBS Treasures Home Loan




DollarBack Mortgage is wholly owned and operated by DollarBack Ventures (‘Company’). The Company has the absolute discretion and authority to modify, discontinue or reject any individuals without any prior notice or reason from participating in any rewards program offered by DollarBack Mortgage.