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Refinancing is the process of switching your current housing bank loan to another bank, which can be done in order to get a better rate that works in your favour. It is no wonder many households in Singapore start to consider refinancing once their current home loan nears the end of the lock-in period.

Yet, there’s a lot of information out there about refinancing and the process can get complicated if you’re not well-informed. That being said, refinance home loans can be well worth the effort when you have one of the best mortgage brokers to count on.

If you are planning to refinance your HDB loan or bank home loan, you can leave the research to our dedicated mortgage specialists at DollarBack Mortgage. With a curated selection of bank refinance home loan rates available at your fingertips, you can get access to the right package tailored to your needs


More often than not, homeowners usually think of refinancing to save money on their monthly payments with better long-term rates. This can be the case for those who want to switch from a floating rate bank loan to a fixed rate bank loan – depending on which is more beneficial in the long haul.

On the other hand, you may also choose to refinance your housing loan to adjust the duration of the term accordingly to fit your financial situation. To help you out, DollarBack Mortgage streamlines the procedure of selecting the best refinance housing loan, making it easy to switch banks at ease. You can also make full use of our DollarBack Mortgage rewards to enjoy vouchers, rebates on legal fees and more.


If you’re choosing to refinance in the coming months, rest assured our advisory will provide a consultative approach to allow homeowners like yourself to understand how a bank refinance home loans work and the next steps to take. With a clearer picture, you can save money on your monthly instalments with your new refinance home loan package.

Get in touch with us today for more information – let’s get you started on the process of refinancing!


When is a good time to refinance my home loan in Singapore?

Ideally, wait until the end of your lock-in period. Before that, you can start keeping an eye on the latest fixed and floating housing loan rates that are consistently updated on our website. In fact, once you reach out to us, you’ll always be the first to know beforehand if there's a better bank home loan package launching in 3 days' time.

What is the difference between repricing and refinancing?

While you can enjoy better deals through refinancing – which means to change your current home loan to an entirely different bank – repricing can offer the same benefits but within the same bank. And at times, your loan can be switched for free under repricing. To understand which works better for your situation, you may wish to discuss with a professional before deciding. 

Is it wise to pay off my bank mortgage loan early in Singapore?

Yes, definitely! It would make sense to prepay your bank mortgage loan early if you have just the right amount to pay it off. However, there are certain situations where it may not be the best choice. To learn in detail, we provide more insights in our blog. Alternatively, wait for the right time to refinance your home loan and enjoy more attractive perks with DollarBack Mortgage in the process.