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Capitaland / Taka

*SGD Value Equivalent*
$ 1,000
  • Choice of Either
  • Tiered Vouchers
  • Residential Property

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$ 900
  • Selected Law Firms
  • Tiered Reward
  • Residential Property

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DollarBack Mortgage works with 16 Banks in Singapore and analyses up to 145 home loan packages on a monthly basis. We do the hunting so that you can spend time for the better things in life.

Don’t feel ‘cheated’ that your friend got a better home loan package even though you both went to the same bank. Our mortgage professionals are experienced in negotiating for ‘Special’ home loan deals with the banks just for you.

Our network of more than 52 experienced mortgage bankers give us inside information on special interest rate discounts offered by banks for selected home loan packages.

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As we are able to maintain streamlined operating costs, DollarBack Mortgage aims to provide home owners assistance to offset any upfront costs for their home loan needs through our rewards.

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