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Setting your sights on a property in Singapore? Securing an Approval in Principle (AIP) or In-Principle Approval (IPA) for your housing bank loan is a crucial step in your property purchase process, as it represents a bank’s tangible commitment to providing you with a home loan.

We also seek insights from our industry partners so as to offer recommendations you can trust. Whether you need advice on how to get approval for your AIP across all 21 major banks in Singapore or a detailed comparison of AIP terms, you can count on us for assistance every step of the way.

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Your dream home deserves no less than a dream financing process. Don’t leave your housing bank loan to chance. Let us help you navigate the ln-Principle Approval application confidently today. With our collaboration with DBS, UOB, OCBC, Standard Chartered, Maybank, Citibank, HSBC, CIMB Bank and nine other banks in Singapore, you can optimise your chances of securing the best mortgage loan in Singapore.

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An In-Principle Approval is a preliminary agreement with a bank that indicates the amount of money it might loan you for your home purchase. However, this AIP is not a guarantee of a loan but a pre-approval.

The AIP is vital in home acquisition as it helps you estimate your budget. For instance, consider this scenario: Your coveted property costs S$1 million. Typically, with a 25% down payment, the bank will finance the remaining 75% (S$750,000). However, if the approved amount in principle is only S$500,000, you can now expect to pay an extra S$250,000. This thus helps you gauge if you should explore alternative properties within your loan bracket or rethink your finances, enabling you to scout for homes productively with full awareness of your budget constraints.

Additionally, the AIP shows sellers, real estate agents, and the bank that you’re not just a serious buyer but also one with the financial means to seal the deal. With these assurances and clarity, you are empowered to fast-track your home acquisition process.


In the world of property financing, the right ally can be transformative. DollarBack Mortgage stands as that partner, bridging the gap between you and your dream properties.

Decades of Expertise: Anchored in strong industry acumen and backed by years of experience, we ensure you’re not just getting a service but a partnership with professionals proficient in the nuances of the mortgage realm.

Multi-Industry Connections: Our strength isn’t just our vast network but the quality and diversity of those relations. Our close collaborations with major banks place us in an advantageous position. However, it’s our expansive connections – spanning from ex-AIP home loan specialists to mortgage bankers, interest rate product managers, credit policy managers, credit approvers, and conveyancing lawyers in Singapore – that truly differentiate us. This multi-dimensional network allows us to offer exclusive refinance packages and loan terms to maximise your savings. 

Bespoke Solutions for Every Client: Recognising that every homeowner’s journey is unique, we cater to every client’s distinctive needs with personalised advice on AIP for new home loans and refinancing. From your initial consultation to that final loan disbursement, we ensure your journey with us is smooth, transparent, and advantageous.


Navigating the diverse home loan options alone is time-consuming, and delays can result in the risk of missing out on the chance to secure your desired property. This is where DollarBack Mortgage’s AIP home loan comparison services step in.

Streamlined Loan Selection

Leveraging our extensive connections with banks, we facilitate a seamless comparison of a broad spectrum of In-Principle Approval for home loans in the market. This ensures you get the best rates while expediting the process.

Informed Decision-Making At Every Turn

Under our consultants’ guidance, you can easily demystify the complexities of AIP home loans, address concerns, and make strategic decisions every step of the way.

Understanding AIP Home Loan Eligibility

Securing an In-Principle Approval for a home loan isn’t always straightforward, and understanding the potential roadblocks can better position you for success. An AIP often hinges on the bank’s confidence in your ability to manage and repay the loan, and here are areas to be mindful of to avoid rejection of your application:

A history of bankruptcy, suspended or revoked credit cards, or missed loan repayments can signal creditworthiness issues to banks, resulting in a denial of your In-Principle Approval for a home loan. To bolster your chances, be sure to address outstanding credit card balances or personal loans by paying them down significantly.

Having too many active credit facilities can raise red flags about your ability to manage additional debt. As the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) stands at 55%, 55% of your gross monthly income can be earmarked for servicing loans, including your home loan. Exhausting or nearing your TDSR limit can imperil your AIP application.

Low job security or recent job loss can impact your perceived ability to meet loan commitments. Ideally, maintaining a stable job history spanning about two to three years can enhance your prospects of obtaining an AIP for a home loan. If you’ve recently transitioned roles, fret not. Banks will consider the tenure of your previous job and weigh the reputation of your new employer in their decision-making process.

Your current age and proximity to retirement can affect loan tenure and repayment capabilities. Thus, venturing into homeownership earlier can be a strategic move, granting you more flexible and favourable loan conditions.

For further questions about specific bank requirements, our dedicated DollarBack Mortgage consultants are always ready to help.

In-Principle Approval Home Loan Process

When applying for an In-Principle Approval for a home loan with DollarBack Mortgage, here’s what you can expect:

How do I apply for an AIP housing loan?

Contact a DollarBack Mortgage Consultant and we will perform an indicative analysis for you within an hour. Subsequently, your desired bank will be shortlisted, and a quick guide for the documents required will be emailed over. Once the documents are ready, a mortgage banker will be assigned on the same day to process your AIP home loan application.

How long does an AIP approval take?

For urgent applications, an AIP can be approved within the same day, assuming a healthy credit history. The normal processing time is usually one working day. To avoid delays in the approval process, ensure you've submitted all the required documents.

Some banks have a preliminary 'pre-qualification' phase, which is a basic estimate of the amount of home loan you might qualify for. However, obtaining this pre-qualification does not mean a guaranteed AIP. As such, clarifying whether you've received a pre-qualification or an AIP with your bank is vital.

As you await your approval, you can begin hunting for a home. However, committing to an Option to Purchase (OTP), a reservation fee for the property, after you have your AIP is advised. This helps you avoid losing the fee if you cannot schedule payments for the property because your loan failed to materialise.

Are there fees for an AIP application?

There are no fees applicable to the bank or DollarBack Mortgage for any In-Principle Approval loan applications.

What happens after an AIP approval?

After approval, an email from the bank will be provided indicating your eligible loan amount, loan tenure and the highest purchase price of the property according to your loan amount. Your AIP typically remains valid for up to 30 days, and you can now start shopping around for your dream home with peace of mind. It's prudent to refrain from acquiring new debts during this period and always confirm your AIP's expiry to avoid starting from scratch.

Read our In-Principle Approval Guide on how to maximise your loan amount for your desired property purchase. Enjoy a hassle-free process with professional guidance and direct applications with experienced bankers.


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AIP, or Approval In Principle, is an indicative home loan approval a bank provides. As it is indicative, it does not represent a formal offer from a bank for your home loan. Every potential homeowner should start your property purchase process with an AIP application. This will give you an estimate of your eligibility and help you define your budget for a new property purchase.

An IPA (In-Principle Approval) is non-binding. As such, you can change your mind or decide not to proceed with the home loan even after receiving an IPA.

Yes, you can apply for an IPA for both HDB and private property purchases. The IPA process will vary based on the property type and respective loan criteria.

An approved AIP has a validity period of up to 30 days. During this validity period, if your Option To Purchase is submitted to the bank, it will provide an official letter of offer for your home loan, assuming there are no changes to your income or debt obligations (best not to apply for any credit cards, car loans or any loans during these 30 days). After the validity period expires, a new AIP application will need to be submitted.

No, the validity period of an approved IPA cannot be extended. If it expires, you’ll need to reapply.

The specific documents for In-Principle Approval for home loans vary between banks, but the following are typically required:

  • Pay slips and income information
  • Your CPF contribution history
  • Credit card statements and information on any other debts
  • Details of any existing housing loans you may have

The most important risk is that you stand to lose your Option Fee (which is usually 1% to 5% of your property purchase price) if you are unable to secure the required loan amount required for your home purchase. Also, without an AIP, you might not get the best service from a property agent, as they might question your financial abilities and ability to secure a favourable EC home loan or condo housing loan.

Yes, the IPA application process can vary among banks, especially regarding the documentation required, assessment criteria, and response time.

Yes, you can. But do note that every AIP application results in your credit report being generated by the bank. Having your credit report generated multiple times by different banks can negatively impact your credit rating, and some banks might consider that during your home loan application process, which results in the possibility of a lower loan amount. Ensuring a good credit score for a home loan application is crucial. Therefore, try to refrain from sending applications to multiple banks.

Having multiple IPAs doesn’t directly affect your credit score. However, frequent credit checks by different banks can impact your credit rating, potentially affecting future loan eligibility.

You can typically apply for IPA online, but it’s best to check with your chosen bank’s application procedures.

Factors that can lead to a delayed In-Principle Approval for home loans include incomplete documentation or discrepancies, a pending credit check, or issues with credit history.

Yes, an IPA can strengthen your negotiating position with sellers, as it demonstrates your financial readiness and serious intent to purchase.

Not necessarily. The In-Principle Approval is an indication of the maximum possible loan amount. However, the final interest rate in the formal loan offer might differ based on market conditions and bank policy changes.

Yes, banks offer promotional home loan packages relatively frequently. Find out the current lowest rates for a new HDB loan or bank loan for private property.

Yes, you can apply for an In-Principle Approval even if you have an existing home loan. However, the bank will consider your current loan obligations when assessing your eligibility for the new loan.

An In-Principle Approval for a refinance loan focuses on reviewing existing loan details and assessing the potential savings or benefits of switching to a new replacement loan. Meanwhile, an IPA for a new home loan primarily evaluates your eligibility and borrowing capacity for a new property purchase.

The final loan approval may be affected if your financial situation changes after receiving an In-Principle Approval, as the bank may reassess your eligibility and adjust the loan terms.

No, you’ll need to apply for a new IPA, as an IPA is specific to a particular property.


Interest Rate Movements

Mortgage interest rates are subject to fluctuations based on various local and global economic factors, including central banks’ policies, inflation rates, geopolitical events and economic conditions. For instance, economic downturns usually see central banks lowering interest rates to stimulate borrowing and investment. On the other hand, during periods of rapid economic growth, rates might be hiked to curb inflation.

Mortgage Interest Rate Types

There are primarily two types of mortgage interest rates: fixed and variable (or floating). Fixed rates remain constant for a set period, providing certainty in monthly payments. Meanwhile, variable rates fluctuate based on a reference interest rate or a benchmark. While they can offer initial savings, they come with the risk of rate hikes.

Selecting the Best Package

Choosing the ideal home loan package is a nuanced process. Factors to consider include current and projected interest rates, your financial situation, desired loan tenure, and individual needs. While lower rates are enticing, always review the overall package for any hidden costs or potential rate hikes in the future. Consulting with a mortgage expert like DollarBack Mortgage can provide tailored advice, ensuring you make informed decisions ideal for your situation from the initial AIP application to the final approval.


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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking to refinance, DollarBack Mortgage is dedicated to guiding you in making informed choices tailored to your needs every step of the way. Take the next step now! Your dream home is within reach, and we’re here to help you secure it. Reach out to us today for a personalised consultation, and let us help you embark on a hassle-free journey towards securing the best AIP for home loans.

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