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HSBC Home Loan Rates Promo

Get the latest DBS home loan promo rates in Singapore which are not publicly advertised. Enjoy rewards for a DBS home loan for a new HDB or private property and refinancing your home loans.

Rewards Up to $5,800

HSBC Subsidies & Rebates
Up to $2,500
Additional Cash Rewards
Up to $3,300
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Latest HSBC Home Loan Rates

Limited Promotional Period
Minimum loan amount applies

HSBC Floating Rate Home Loan

Package Interest Rate Property Type
1M SORA Promo +0.65% Private
HSBC 3M SORA +0.65% BUC, Private, HDB
HSBC 1M SORA +0.75% Private, HDB
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HSBC Fixed Rate Home Loan

Package Interest Rate Property Type
2 Yr Fixed Promo 3.75% Private, HDB
3 Yr Fixed Promo 3.75% Private
HSBC 3 Yr Fixed 3.90% Private
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HSBC Cash Rewards Up to $2,500

Get cash rewards provided by HSBC for up to $2,500 for a refinancing of your HDB or private property. Cash rewards are provided directly into your HSBC current or savings account. Have the freedom to decide if you would like to use the cash rewards to offset your legal & valuation fees or treat yourself to a shopping spree!

Dollarback Cash Rewards Up to $3,300

In addition to the cash rewards provided by HSBC, enjoy additional cash rewards by us up to $3,300. No sticky clauses, gimmicks or clawbacks. As long as your mortgage is through us, you are entitled to the cash reward. Simple & rewarding.

For any property type

All cash rewards from HSBC and Dollarback Mortgage are applicable for a resale HDB, resale private, BUC condo & a BTO HDB. HSBC cash rewards are provided for a refinancing only.

How do we get you the best HSBC HOME LOAN?

Best HSBC home loan rates which are not available publicly

Our mortgage consultants will negotiate and customise the lowest HSBC home loan rates which are not publicly available. Enjoy professional guidance to be assured of the best HSBC home loan package.

Zero fees for a home loan refinancing & additional cash rewards

Have all legal and valuation fees fully covered for a home loan refinancing through the cash rewards provided by HSBC and us. Enjoy additional cash rewards even after all upfront fees are fully covered.

optimise interest savings by up to 70%

By considering your financial profile, our mortgage consultants will provide a breakdown on how to utilise HSBC's SmartMortgage feature to provide for up to a 70% offset in your home loan interest rate.

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How to apply for a HSBC HOME LOAN?

Identify Your Needs

Let us know if you are looking to refinance a home loan, getting a mortgage for your new property purchase or need assistance with an In Principle Approval (IPA) from HSBC. Our mortgage consultants will provide a breakdown of the recommended strategies for your specific requirement.

Selecting the best HSBC Home Loan

Depending on your property type as well as short term and long term property needs, we will then shortlist and customise the best HSBC home loan packages with a detailed breakdown for a comparison.

Submit HSBC home loan documents

Once the specific HSBC home loan is selected, the following documents will be submitted digitally to HSBC:

- HSBC application forms
- IC copy
- 3 months payslips
- IRAS Notice of Assessment

Your HSBC home loan application status will be updated every 2 days via a text from your assigned Dollarback mortgage consultant.

HSBC Conveyancing Law Firm

After your HSBC home loan has been approved and signed, our partner law firm on the panel of HSBC will contact you directly to begin your conveyancing.

get your cash rewards

Cash rewards from HSBC for a refinancing will be deposited into your preferred HSBC account within approximately 2 weeks after your loan has been brought over to HSBC. Additional cash rewards from us will be received as early as 2 weeks after the HSBC offer letter is signed.

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