How We Work

Tell us what your needs are  – Choose your specific need & let us know key details (Refinancing or New Purchase).

Our platform searches all the available home loan packages in the market – Our proprietary platform scours through more than 145 mortgage packages available in the market. It carefully curates only the best interest rate packages based on historical trends of the various banks, existing market conditions and industry specific information.  *We rely on facts and figures for our selection process to offer only unbiased and the best long term solutions for our clients*

You get to select the best interest rate package with the greatest interest savings – The Top 5 bank packages in the market are shown with all relevant fees, charges and exclusive conditions if applicable.

Direct application with an experienced mortgage banker to secure your package – Select your preferred package and click ‘Apply’. Your details and preferred package is sent to a banker from your desired bank. The mortgage banker will contact you within 1 working day to secure your package and to obtain relevant confidential documentation directly from you. 

Personal & Professional Assistance every step of the way – A DollarBack mortgage professional will guide and advice you throughout your home loan selection and application process



*(Different banks require different documentation based on a client’s profile and as confidentiality is our upmost concern, we only work with highly experienced bankers so that you are assured of a speedy application)