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Purchasing property in Singapore is a significant commitment, both emotionally and financially. While the focus is often on securing the right mortgage, the importance of having a reliable conveyancing lawyer can't be overlooked. At DollarBack Mortgage, we aim to provide a comprehensive service that extends beyond finding you the best mortgage rates. One of the unique benefits we offer is the opportunity to save up to S$900 on conveyancing fees.

By partnering with law firms that are not only reputable but also recognised by major banks in Singapore, we add an extra layer of assurance to your property purchase process. These collaborations ensure that you receive a discounted rate without compromising on quality.

Our mortgage consultants are here to make your property purchase as smooth as possible. It's not just about cost savings; it's about providing a well-rounded, efficient experience. Opt for DollarBack Mortgage's Conveyancing Lawyer services and experience the difference that comes with a trusted partner by your side.

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DollarBack Mortgage isn’t just about property home loans; we extend our services to assist you with the complex world of property conveyancing. With connections to reputable law firms that specialise in property transactions, we simplify what could be an overwhelming process. Our partners are accredited by major banks in Singapore, assuring you of a smooth, reliable experience.

These law firms offer you not just legal expertise but also discounted conveyancing fees, potentially saving you up to S$900. Our platform facilitates easy comparisons, enabling you to assess the rates, credentials, and services of different lawyers in one place. This empowers you to make informed choices that align with your needs and budget.

With DollarBack Mortgage, you’re not merely buying a property; you’re securing peace of mind in one of life’s most significant transactions. Evaluate your options now and leverage our extensive knowledge in Singapore’s conveyancing process. Experience the assurance, ease, and value that only DollarBack Mortgage can offer.


When it comes to property transactions, the legal intricacies often get overshadowed by the focus on finding the right mortgage. This is where a conveyancing lawyer steps in. They’ll guide you through the complicated legal process of transferring property ownership, ensuring that you meet Singapore’s specific laws and regulations.

The conveyancing lawyer first begins with background research, advising you on your eligibility to purchase specific types of property under the Singapore Residential Property Act. He or she will also scrutinise the property’s title and tenure, assess potential encumbrances, and handle crucial administrative tasks like lodging caveats to protect your interest.

As you move further into the process, the lawyer will take charge of contract negotiations and financial transactions, making sure you are well-protected legally and financially. When you’re purchasing a private property, there are rules and procedures that the lawyer will help you navigate, adding a layer of assurance to one of your life’s most significant investments. At DollarBack Mortgage, we offer you the best of both worlds: top-notch legal services at discounted fees, thanks to our partnerships with esteemed law firms in Singapore. In essence, a conveyancing lawyer provides not just expertise but also peace of mind in what is often a complex process.


When it comes to acquiring property, having a reliable conveyancing lawyer is as crucial as securing the perfect mortgage. That’s where DollarBack Mortgage comes in. Our proficient mortgage consultants have the expertise to help you lock in the best mortgage deals that align with your financial goals.

But our service doesn’t stop at mortgages. We extend our comprehensive offerings to include expert conveyancing lawyer services. Our partnerships with esteemed law firms — accredited by major banks in Singapore — ensure you receive quality legal guidance while benefiting from special discounted fees that could save you up to S$900.

Between our mortgage consultants’ industry knowledge and our partner law firms’ legal expertise, DollarBack Mortgage offers a rounded, value-added service that addresses both the financial and legal aspects of property ownership. The choice is clear: for a seamless property purchasing process and potential cost savings, choose DollarBack Mortgage’s conveyancing lawyer services. Trust us to guide you every step of the way in one of life’s most significant transactions.

Our transparent approach ensures you’re fully aware of all fees involved in engaging a conveyancing lawyer in Singapore. Each service from our legal partners comes with a complete fee breakdown, eliminating any guesswork.

Experience first-rate legal services without the premium cost. Thanks to our affiliations with esteemed law firms in Singapore, you could save up to S$900 on conveyancing fees. These savings are clearly presented, affirming you get outstanding value without cutting corners on quality.

Opt for our services for an effective combination of transparency and affordability in your conveyancing lawyer needs, streamlining your property transaction in Singapore.

Choosing the right law firm for your conveyancing needs is crucial. We proudly partner with firms that are part of CPF’s approved panel. Here’s a quick look at our esteemed associates:

  • PKWA Law Practice LLC: With more than 30 years of legal experience, PKWA Law is recognised for its expertise in conveyancing and a range of other legal services.
  • Pertinent Law LLP: Specialising in conveyancing and real estate matters, this firm has gained trust through assisting individuals and corporations in property transactions.
  • BR Law: Known for their extensive conveyancing practice, BR Law is on the panels of all major banks in Singapore, ensuring a seamless property transaction.
  • ARLC Legal: Founded in 2014, ARLC Legal offers comprehensive legal services, including conveyancing, centred around client needs and long-term relationships.

Rely on the expertise of our selected partner law firms for your conveyancing requirements.

Selecting DollarBack Mortgage comes with perks that extend beyond mere financial gains. We offer our clients exclusive rewards, including discounted legal fees, and shopping vouchers, adding a touch of luxury to your mortgage experience. The value of these rewards is specified, and any conditions associated with them are transparently communicated. Explore the additional benefits or incentives available, and discover why choosing DollarBack Mortgage’s services for your private property home loan is a decision that pays in more ways than one.


Navigating the complexities of property transactions can be daunting, particularly when it comes to understanding the legal intricacies involved. That's where the conveyancing process comes into play, a crucial step in ensuring a smooth property transaction in Singapore. Below is a detailed guide, broken down step-by-step, to help you understand what the conveyancing process entails.

Step 1: Engage a Conveyancing Lawyer

The first crucial move is to engage a trustworthy conveyancing lawyer. The legal expert will conduct initial background checks on the property, ensuring it meets all specifications of Singapore's Residential Property Act. At DollarBack Mortgage, we make this easier for you by partnering with esteemed law firms offering discounted conveyancing services.

Step 2: Preliminary Legal Work

Once engaged, your conveyancing lawyer gets down to the nitty-gritty. They'll meticulously scrutinise the property's title and tenure, pinpoint potential encumbrances, and lodge caveats to protect your interests. All essential administrative tasks are handled efficiently to align with legal stipulations.

Step 3: Contract Review and Negotiation

The conveyancing lawyer then shifts focus to the property contract, carefully reviewing its clauses and negotiating terms in your favour. This ensures that your legal and financial interests are well-protected throughout the transaction.

Step 4: Financial Transactions

This step involves the secure and lawful exchange of funds. Your conveyancing lawyer manages all financial transactions, making sure payments are processed securely and you remain protected at all times.

Step 5: Final Legal Formalities

Here, the conveyancing lawyer finalises all checks and oversees the legal transfer of property ownership. Once all these formalities are completed, the conveyancing process comes to a close, and you become the legal owner of your new property.

At DollarBack Mortgage, you not only enjoy the advantage of discounted conveyancing lawyer fees but also the assurance of a transparent and efficient process. Equip yourself with this knowledge and take full advantage of our expertise in Singapore's conveyancing process to make your property transaction as smooth as possible.

How much are standard conveyancing fees?

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A qualified conveyancing lawyer must possess a law degree and be a member of the Singapore Bar Association. Experience-wise, the lawyer should have a robust background in property law, contract law, and civil law. The legal intricacies of property transactions are many and varied; hence, a conveyancing lawyer should be well-versed in both residential and commercial property laws. In Singapore, conveyancing lawyers are often experienced in handling transactions of all property types. It’s essential to look for a lawyer with years of experience and client testimonials to back up their expertise.

Yes, our partner law firms are not only accredited by major banks in Singapore but are also recognised by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) board. This dual accreditation adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to our services. The CPF board recognition means that our partner law firms adhere to specific guidelines and standards, which in turn ensures that your conveyancing process will be seamless and reliable. In Singapore, being listed on the CPF board is considered a benchmark of quality and reliability, adding further credibility to our partnered law firms.

Certainly, our conveyancing lawyers are adept at managing both buying and selling transactions. They can guide you through the maze of legal documentation required for both processes, ensuring that contracts are legally sound and protect your interests. Whether you’re a buyer looking to understand your obligations and rights under the purchase agreement or a seller seeking to meet all legal requirements for a smooth sale, our conveyancing lawyers offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

The calculation of conveyancing fees can vary based on the complexity and type of property transaction. These fees usually include various administrative and legal tasks such as title searches, mortgage stamping, Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) certification, and CPF fees. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is also included in the final bill. It’s crucial to understand the detailed breakdown of these fees to know exactly what you’re paying for, which aligns with our policy of transparency in all financial aspects.

The title search is an essential part of the conveyancing process, where the lawyer examines the history of the property’s title. They look for any encumbrances, liens, or other legal issues that could affect the transfer of ownership. This step is vital to ensure that you receive a clean title, free from any past legal entanglements. Issues like unpaid land taxes, restrictions on the use of property, and previously undisclosed heirs can come up during this search. The lawyer’s meticulous inspection ensures that such complications are addressed before they can affect your ownership rights.

Indeed, our conveyancing lawyers are well-versed in the legalities of both Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and private property transactions in Singapore. The rules and processes for each type of property differ significantly, and our lawyers have the expertise to navigate both. For example, HDB transactions may involve additional steps and compliance with specific HDB regulations, while private property transactions might require a different set of legal prerequisites.

Our conveyancing lawyers play a crucial role in the financial aspects of the property transaction, including calculating and facilitating the payment of stamp duty. They also advise clients on other potential tax obligations related to the property. This is especially beneficial for first-time buyers or sellers who may not be familiar with Singapore’s property tax landscape. The lawyer will make sure that all payments are made within the stipulated time frames to avoid any legal complications or penalties.

The conveyancing lawyer plays an indispensable role in ensuring that the sales contract serves your best interests. They review, negotiate, and sometimes even draft the terms and conditions of the sales agreement to make sure you are legally and financially protected. They can advise on critical elements such as pricing, contingencies, and timelines, ensuring that all contract terms are fair and transparent.

Though arranging property inspections and surveys isn’t traditionally part of conveyancing, some lawyers do provide this service as an add-on. They can coordinate with certified surveyors and inspectors to conduct comprehensive checks on the property, thus ensuring that you are fully informed about its condition before proceeding with the transaction.

Funds during the property transaction are typically managed through an escrow account. The conveyancing lawyer oversees this account to ensure that all financial exchanges are secure and happen according to the terms set out in the contract. This process adds another layer of safety, as it prevents the premature or unauthorised release of funds.

In the event of unexpected delays or complications, your conveyancing lawyer serves as your primary point of communication with all involved parties. They will actively work to resolve the issues, whether they are due to incomplete documentation, issues discovered during the title search, or unforeseen disputes between the parties. Their role is to keep the transaction on track and ensure that all legal requirements are met, even in challenging circumstances.

Yes, conveyancing lawyers can assist in the complex legalities involved in transferring property ownership in cases of joint ownership or inheritance. This can include drafting the necessary legal documents, liaising with other legal representatives or institutions, and providing counsel on how to best navigate the complexities of property ownership transitions.

While the primary role of a conveyancing lawyer is to facilitate the property transaction, many also offer extended services and legal advice on property-related matters. This could range from advising on property investments to interpreting and navigating property laws and regulations. However, note that such additional services may incur extra costs.

Certainly, you are not obliged to use our partner law firms for your conveyancing needs. If you have a preferred law firm that you’re comfortable with, you’re free to engage their services. However, do note that our partner firms offer special discounts on conveyancing fees, which you may want to consider.

Yes, you can utilise your Central Provident Fund (CPF) to cover certain conveyancing fees. However, restrictions and limitations do apply, and it’s essential to consult with your conveyancing lawyer for a detailed understanding of how much of your CPF funds can be used for this purpose.


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Searching for expert conveyancing lawyer services that align with your property purchase goals? DollarBack Mortgage extends its bespoke services to cover your legal needs, featuring the most competitive conveyancing lawyer rates in Singapore.

From scrutinising property titles to handling financial transactions, our accredited law firm partners are committed to making your property acquisition journey as seamless as it is financially rewarding. Not only do we help you navigate through mortgage rates, but we also ensure you save up to S$900 on conveyancing fees.

Unlock unparalleled peace of mind and financial savings in one of life’s most significant transactions.