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Rewards Up to $6,800

Bank Subsidies & Rebates
Up to $3,500
Additional Cash Rewards
Up to $3,300
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Bank Subsidies Up to $3,500

Enjoy no upfront costs when you refinance your home loan with legal subsidies and rebates so that your interest savings are maximised. Minimum loan amount applies and only for a refinancing.

Dollarback Cash Rewards Up to $3,300

Get cash rewards and shopping vouchers based on your loan amount for a refinancing or a new property purchase home loan. Cashback Rewards are provided by Dollarback Mortgage and in addition to any Bank Subsidies or Rebates.

Over 21 Banks in Singapore for all HDB & Private Properties

Enjoy lowest interest rates and customised mortgage packages including cash rewards and subsidies across all major banks in Singapore for both HDB and private properties.

No tricks, no gimmicks. up to $3,300 in cash rewards from us to you!

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Compare lowest home loan rates

Applicable to both HDB and Private Properties for a New Purchase and Refinancing
Minimum loan amount applies

Floating Rates

Package Total Rate Banks
1M SORA 0.85% 2
3M SORA 0.85% 3
Hybrid 1.31% 1
Fixed Deposit 1.35% 2
Board 1.40% 1
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Fixed Rates

Package Total Rate Banks
Hybrid 1.31% 1
1 Yr Fixed 1.35% 1
2 Yr Fixed 1.55% 3
3 Yr Fixed 1.90% 2
5 Yr Fixed 1.65% 1
Get these rates now!

How do we get you the best mortgage in Singapore?

Lowest exclusive Home Loan Rates

Get access to preferential mortgage packages not available to the general public. Our mortgage consultants strategise to get you the best home loan package with your desired bank.

Customised Features

We negotiate with banks to include special conditions for your mortgage such as:

* Waiver of penalties for early sale of your property

* Making a partial repayment during the lock in period

* A free switch to a different interest rate package

Know if interest rates are going to Increase or decrease in Future

Gain first hand knowledge of how the banks are forecasting their mortgage rates according to local and global interest rate trends. Stay ahead of the market!

Professional Advice, every step of the way

Identify Your Needs

Let us know if you are looking to refinance a home loan, getting a mortgage for your new property purchase or need assistance with an In Principle Approval (IPA). Our mortgage consultants will deep dive to explain and find out if you require specific features like a waiver due to sale, partial redemption without any penalties or a free conversion option. We will also perform Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) and Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR) calculations to let you know the indicative mortgage loan amount you qualify for.

Selecting the best home loan

Through our close network with over 21 banks, we get access to over 145 promotional mortgage packages available in the market on a monthly basis. We will explain what the different interest rate packages mean such as a fixed rate and a floating rate (SIBOR, Board Rate & Fixed Deposit Rate (FDR)). 

Our mortgage consultants will help you select the lowest home loans in Singapore by explaining the underlying differences between each housing loan option. A breakdown of monthly instalments and interest costs will be provided together with an overview of the home loan fees applicable.

Submit your mortgage application

Once a specific mortgage package is selected, a home loan specialist from the bank (we work with DBS, OCBC, UOB, Maybank, HSBC, Standard Chartered and 13 other banks in Singapore) will be personally assigned to process your home loan application.

At this point, both a DollarBack Mortgage consultant and the bank's home loan specialist will provide consistent updates on the progress of your application. Upon approval, the bank's letter of offer will be explained by the home loan specialist.

Conveyancing process

After the bank's letter of offer has been signed, a partner law firm will contact you directly to explain the legal processes and requirements. Our panel of law firms work with almost all Singapore banks.

Consistent review

If there is a lock in period for your home loan, we will send an update for a review of your interest rate once your lock in period ends.

For BUC properties which do not have a lock in period in the mortgages, we will review your interest rates once TOP of your development is reached and once again at issuance of CSC.

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