DollarBack Mortgage About Us

DollarBack Mortgage was founded on the premise of providing mortgage specific knowledge and information previously well kept within the banking industry to the general public.

We believe that every individual has the right to know the pitfalls and loopholes of their home loans so that they are able to take advantage of the best home loan options available in Singapore.

We partner with 16 of the Largest Banks in Singapore – curate close to 145 Home Loan Packages on a monthly basis – offer you the Best 5 Housing Loan Packages available in the market – so that you can make that one decision with a peace of mind.

How are we the best at what we do?

Our team and network is not just built on ex home loan specialists or mortgage bankers. We take into account and consult our network which extends to:

  • Interest Rate Product Managers –  They decide on what interest rates a bank should offer for it to make money
  • Credit Policy ManagersThey set the ‘rules’ on how a bank should approve a home loan
  • Credit Approvers – They ensure that all home loans are approved according to the ‘rules’ of the bank
  • A Law FirmSpecifically, our partner law firm which is on the panel of banks in Singapore and which specialises in conveyancing

Our DollarBack Mortgage Consultants always ensure you get the best service and guidance you so rightly deserve.

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