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Best Home Loans Singapore - April 2020

Housing Loans for Private Property

Lowest Private Property Home Loans

1.60% (Fixed)

Lowest BUC Property Home Loans

1.19% (Floating)

The best housing loan rates for a private property in Singapore depend on a variety of factors such as the loan amount size, nature of the property specifically if it is a resale or a building under construction (BUC) property as well as the interest rate types. 

Home loans for completed resale private properties have 2 different interest rate types which are Fixed or Floating. Fixed rates as the name suggests do not change for a certain period of your loan tenure. 

Floating rates on the other hand depend on the nature of the base rate which consists of Fixed Deposit Rates, 1 month, 3 month or 6 month SIBOR and the Bank’s Board Rate. Mortgages for BUC properties only have floating rates offered due to the nature of disbursement of these loans which follow a schedule. 

*Interest rates depend on your specific loan quantum, features required and loan peg

Housing Loans for HDB

Lowest HDB Property Interest Rates

1.68% (Fixed)

Lowest Built To Order (BTO) Interest Rates

1.41% (Floating)

Home loans for HDB properties in Singapore  can be taken from a bank in Singapore or directly from the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

The main difference between the two are the interest rates offered. Housing loans taken directly from HDB are usually fixed at 0.1% above the CPF Ordinary Account (OA) rate (currently at 2.50%).

For HDB home owners who prefer a longer term stable monthly repayment for budgeting purposes, a HDB loan is recommended. While HDB loans have interest rates which are higher than bank loans, the amount of down payment required for a HDB purchase is lesser than a bank loan. This allows for less cash and CPF outlays thus making a HDB purchase much more affordable.

*Interest rates depend on your specific loan quantum, features required and loan peg

Why DollarBack Mortgage?

At our core, we are mortgage brokers who curate and analyse over 145 home loans across 16 banks in Singapore.

But we are also property owners who know what it feels like to be navigating the complex environment of mortgage interest rates. We know the world of banking and how cold and cruel it can be.

Our consultants take things a step further and stay away from just advising on the lowest interest rates. We know the pitfalls, loopholes and little tricks commonly used in the banking industry to trap many unsuspecting home owners.

Our job is only done when you understand the risks, macro-economic environment and interest rate trends both globally and domestically.

At DollarBack Mortgage, our aim is to educate and provide insights so that you are equipped with the know how and knowledge in identifying the best home loans in the market.

We strive to ensure that every home owner maximises all savings that can be enjoyed. Our commitment to this goal is exemplified by the rewards we offer which essentially is giving back a portion of our fees earned.

Yes, we are a for profit business but we are also in the business of making your largest investment in life a truly rewarding and fulfilling one.


DollarBack Rewards

Our rewards are offered for a home loan refinance and a new property purchase in Singapore. Cash rewards are only offered for refinancing of home loans and not for new mortgages taken for a property purchase. Cash rewards for a home loan refinance can be used to cover almost if not all upfront costs in terms of legal and property valuation fees. We do from time to time increase the cash rewards offered for exceptional situations or for promotional periods.

A DollarBack Mortgage Consultant will advice on the discounted legal fees offered from our panel of partner conveyancing law firms during your home loan application process.

To find out the exact rewards amount offered, click on the ‘Details’ tab under each banner.

Cash Bonus!

*SGD Value Equivalent*
$ 1,300
  • DollarBack Exclusive
  • Tiered Reward
  • Residential Property

Legal Fees Rebate!

*SGD Value Equivalent*
$ 2,000
  • Min 500k loan
  • Major Law Firms
  • Completed Property

Capitaland / Taka

*SGD Value Equivalent*
$ 1,000
  • Choice of Either
  • Tiered Vouchers
  • Residential Property
New Loan

Legal Fee Savings!

*SGD Value Equivalent*
$ 900
  • Selected Law Firms
  • Tiered Reward
  • Residential Property
New Loan

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The best mortgage rates are offered periodically by banks and no one bank would have the best rates. Special approvals for the lowest home loan rates can be requested if you have a preferred bank in Singapore. We  provide advice on the best home loans to suit your needs and we negotiate for the lowest interest rates across 16 banks in Singapore.

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The Loan To Value Limit (LTV) is simply the percentage of your property’s price/ value that the bank will be able to provide you a loan with. The maximum LTV value according to regulations is at 75% for new purchases and 80% for refinancing.

Let’s say that you have recently purchased a property at $1,000,000.

A bank will therefore be able to give you a maximum housing loan amount of:

Purchase price ($1,000,000) x LTV (75%) = $750,000

For HDB and private properties, the maximum loan is 75% of the property value.

For commercial properties, the maximum loan is 80% of the property value.

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) is a ratio of your total monthly debt obligations to your monthly gross salary. The TDSR ratio is at a maximum of 60% for home loan applications. This means your total monthly debt obligations cannot exceed 60% of your total monthly gross salary.

*TDSR is applicable to HDB, Private and Commercial Properties.

Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR) is a ratio of your applied monthly home loan installment to your monthly gross salary. The MSR ratio is at a maximum of 30%.

*MSR only applies to HDB properties.

Not at all. DollarBack Mortgage is paid by banks for every successful home loan application. Our service to you is Completely Free!

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